New Crops in Late Spring

Canada’s breadbasket –  Southern Ontario shows the promise of the bounty to come with the springing up of corn and hay crops. Southwestern Ontario is known as the Breadbasket of Canada because of its abundant and diverse crops.The first cut of hay is in progress. The corn is growing as you can see in the […]


In my February blog I included my favorite crepe batter recipe. Crepes originated in the Brittany Region of France and can be enjoyed in all areas of that country. There are some creperies scattered around North America with larger numbers of them located i Quebec Canada and New Orleans. The crepe is very versatile. They […]

A Brand New Year

A Brand New Year It is with a renewed hope for good things ahead that we face 2017. We have just been through 3 years of outrageously bad luck through no fault of our own. I will not explain the circumstance nor will I dwell on them. What I will do is move forward and […]

Canadian Thanksgiving

I live in Southwestern Ontario Canada which is located between the 42nd latitude and the 45th latitude. We are the bread basket of Canada because we grow abundant amounts of corn, hay, soy beans, vegetables and fruit and berries. You can find market gardens with fields of tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables along side apple, […]

The Bread Basket of Canada

            3 Photos taken in October just before harvest. The corn is 7 feet tall and the sunflowers are 5 feet tall.     “There are corn fields and wheat fields enough to grow.” (Jackie DeShannon) Here are some pictures from June this Summer of 2016 that I hope you will enjoy. The […]