The Bread Basket of Canada

The Bread Basket of Canada





3 Photos taken in October just before harvest. The corn is 7 feet tall and the sunflowers are 5 feet tall. acres-of-sunflowers sunflowers-galorehpim1372  

“There are corn fields and wheat fields enough to grow.” (Jackie DeShannon)

Here are some pictures from June this Summer of 2016 that I hope you will enjoy.hpim1377hpim1371

The importance of corn in our lives is overlooked or down played by most people. Many producers of animal food make out corn to be a filler containing no nutritional value. Corn by- products can be and often are used in this manner. However, corn’s positive attributes far outweigh the negative. Let’s have a closer look at the many uses of corn that have a positive influence on our everyday lives.

The uses of corn are too numerous to document here but J will attempt provide you with a short list to give you a notion of the vast number of uses for corn.

  • Cooking oil and salad dressings and corn meal
  • Alcoholic beverages and industrial alcohol
  • ice cream, jam and soft drinks
  • food for livestock and poultry
  • glucose
  • ethanol
  • paper products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • adhesives and insecticides
  • soap

Southern Ontario produces thousands of acres of corn each year’ It is a very important crop to this region and the rest of the country.

Sweet corn is a different variety from industrial corn and is grown primarily for direct human consumption. You cook sweet corn by placing a small amount of water in a large pot and bring to boil. Shuck cobs of corn and  add to boiling water for 4 minutes. Remove corn and place on a large platter. Grab a cob and generously slather with butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat the corn directly from the cob. YUM                                                  ALTERNATELY – You can leave the husks on the cobs and immerse them briefly in water.  Place them on hot grill or campfire and rotate 3 times(about 2 minutes each turn) Remove them from the fire and shuck them. Serve with butter, salt and pepper.  ENJOY

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