Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving


I live in Southwestern Ontario Canada which is located between the 42nd latitude and the 45th latitude. We are the bread basket of Canada because we grow abundant amounts of corn, hay, soy beans, vegetables and fruit and berries. You can find market gardens with fields of tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables along side apple, peach, plumb and other orchards, vineyards and dairy farms. All of these within a 2 hour drive. Located amidst all of this you can find miles of sandy beaches on the largest fresh water lakes in the world. Needless to say. There is plenty of good fishing here.

Thanksgiving has arrived here in Canada. We celebrate it in the peak of harvest season in this country. Apples and grapes, pumpkins and pears can be seen in abundance in many a farmer’s field. Families gather together to celebrate our good fortune in having this wonderful food readily available to fill our pantries and freezers. It is a time to get together with friends to give thanks for the harvest which we are here to enjoy. We also celebrate our good fortune to live in this beautiful country and reap the benefits of freedom for all. Our traditional meal consists of Turkey and ham, squash and Brussels sprouts accompanied by lots of turkey dressing and potatoes with gravy. Dessert is Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie with cheese or ice cream. Local Apple Cider and wines are pleasant additions to our feast. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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