New Crops in Late Spring

hpim1377Canada’s breadbasket –  Southern Ontario shows the promise of the bounty to come with the springing up of corn and hay crops.

Southwestern Ontario is known as the Breadbasket of Canada because of its abundant and diverse crops.The first cut of hay is in progress. The corn is growing as you can see in the picture. The beans are up and the grain is high and waiting for sunshine to turn it golden. We had more rain than normal this Spring so the crops are later than normal. Today is the 2nd day of Summer and we have plenty of rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries and lettuce and raspberries are just beginning. Most farmers markets are open. We got beautiful produce and berries at the Grand Bend market on Wednesday. I have been busy making pies and crepes using our juicy fresh berries. Yum. I will include some recipes in my next blog.



March Rants

Twists and Turns in Life’s Journey

This last few years have presented many hardships for my wife and soulmate. In April of 2014 a motorist went through a red light and T-boned my wife’s car. She was seriously injured and had to go through many months of rehab. Last February 1st my wife suffered from a severe stroke and is still going through the rehabilitation and recovery process. I tell you this because I am a Canadian and have protection under the  federal/provincial plan that is available to all canadians regardless of race, religion, colour or financial worth.

I am writing this blog in the wake of the American election in which health care was an issue. Big business in America seems to take great satisfaction in spreading rumours and false statements about health care in Canada. It is of great benefit for large hospital chains, pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies, health care practitioners and other participants in the American health business to maintain their status quo at the expense of the American people. Trump claims that he will scrap Obamacare but has yet to present a blueprint of what he will replace it with.

Countries like Canada, England, Holland, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Denmark to name a few have a health care system that guarantees proper health treatment to all residents. The United States is conspicuously absent from this list.

Canada is looking to introduce a national pharmacare program which would lower the cost of prescription drugs in this country. Instead of each jurisdiction negotiating prices with pharmaceutical companies we would benefit from the buying power of the entire country. See and download report on pharmacare. We have suffered financial and social issues due to our unfortunate circumstances. My wife is confined to a wheelchair ind will continue to be an invalid in the near future. We have survived our fate mainly because of our health and other social systems that are in place to protect us and we are thankful to be Canadians.