May is almost behind us

May is almost behind us

Spring is here & here & here. It seems like it will go forever. It has been one of the wettest Spring seasons on record. There has been wide spread flooding throughout the Southern parts of Ontario. The farmers are at least three weeks behind in plowing their fields and planting new crops. What does this mean? Financial hardships for our farmers and shorter supply of food which will lead to higher prices. Our strawberry yields may be almost non existent. We had a huge downpour this morning with lots of thunder and lightning. Many area basements including mine are flooded also.

I went to Juicy Fruit Market for fresh asparagus and then to Twin Pines Orchards for a jug of their excellent Apple Cider. Rivers and streams enroute had overflowed their banks and flooded surrounding fields. I encountered a large snapping turtle trying to cross the road because his home had been flooded. He must have weighed 25 pounds and was at least a foot wide and twice as long. He had quite a large head and a 6 inch long tail. I stopped and put on my flashers and tried to nudge him across but he was too big and just wanted to defend himself. The numerous passing cars did not slow down or offer any assistance so I had to leave the big turtle on the road. It makes me sick to see people in such a hurry that they haven’t time to assist a helpless creature who is in trouble. These are the same pitiful people who march to save the planet and advocate political correctness. Shame on them. Many species of turtles in this area are in danger of extinction because we have encroached on their habitat. How sad for them and for us.

We are scheduled to go to the Elm Hurst Resort for their seafood extravaganza next Friday. I look forward to the food and sharing our experience with you. Should you live in Ontario and encounter a turtle in distress please report it online to They will record your incident and update information to better protect creatures.

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